AMCOM, A Midwest And North American General Construction & Roofing Contractor

Company Profile:

With a dedication to providing quality roofing installations and services to our clients,

AMCOM CONSTRUCTION & ROOFING CO. stands out from other roofing wholesale contractors by offering specific needs and services to our partnered clients.  

We feel that our communication and our emphasis on quality and safety sets us apart from other companies that provide “labor and project management”

What We Do:

AMCOM CONSTRUCTION & ROOFING CO. specializes in the replacement and restoration of low slope roofing systems. We have the experience to replace, repair, or restore existing roof systems. We also provide estimating services for new construction projects and any project you may need estimated. We are experienced in roof systems such as: TPO, EPDM, BUR, MODIFIED BITUMEN HEAT AND COLD PROCESS, ALONG WITH ROOF RELATED SHEET METAL, along with roofing we do general construction having experienced tradesmen and working with with qualified subcontractors but you only having to deal with one company to handle this.

Our Mission:

The AMCOM CONSTRUCTION & ROOFING CO. mission is to create satisfied business partners by providing top quality workmanship and meeting all safety regulations and policies.  All this while exceeding our business partners expectations and fulfilling manufacturers specifications.



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